About us

Historical Background

Oyo State Primary Education Board (SPEB) was established through Edict No 2 of 1994.

The SPEB later metamorphosed into Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) with the enactment of Universal Basic Education Law which was passed in 2004 at the Federal level  and replicated by the State in 2005.

Our Objectives

  • Providing free, Universal Basic Education for every Nigerian Child of School age;
  • Developing in the entire citizenry a strong consciousness for education and a strong commitment to its vigorous promotion;
  • Reducing drastically the incidence of drop-out from the formal school system;
  • Ensuring the acquisition of appropriate level of literacy, numeracy; communicative and life skills;
  • Preserving and complementing the existing educational structure, bodies and agencies for the purpose of realizing the Board’s mission; and
  • Carrying out the policy guidelines prescribed by Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) and other relevant agencies as approved by the State Government.

Dr. Nureni Adeniran (Chairman OYO-SUBEB)


Promotion of uniform, qualitative and functional basic education.


We shall operate as an intervention, coordinating and monitoring of Local Government Universal Basic Education Authorities with a view to improving and providing unfettered access to high quality basic education in Oyo State.

Establishing Law

Oyo State Primary Education Board (SPEB) was established through Edict No 2 of 1994.

Our Mandate

To promote uniform, qualitative and functional basic education in the state through:

  • Programmes and Initiatives for Early Childhood Education and Development.
  • Facilitation of the formal school system from the beginning of primary education to the end of junior secondary school.
  • Liaison with all relevant agencies towards capturing children with special needs, including the nomadic and the Almajiri children, for the formal basic education programme.
  • Accessing a block grant from Federal Government to fund special needs programme.
  • Prescribe the minimum standards for the basic education programme throughout the State in line with the National Policy on Education on the advice of the National Council for Education and ensure effective implementation of the standards in line with Government policies and programme.
  • Inquire into and advise the State Government on the funding and orderly development of Universal Basic Education in the State.
  • Ensuring that the Basic National Curricula, syllabi and other necessary instructional materials are in use in early childhood care and development centres, in the state primary schools.
  • Co-ordinate the implementation of the universal basic education related activities in collaboration with non-governmental and multilateral agencies in the State.
  • Establish a basic education data bank and conduct research on basic education in the State.
  • Support state capacity building for teachers and managers of basic education in the State.
  • Carry out mass mobilization and sensitization of the general public and enter into partnership with communities and relevant stakeholders with the aim of achieving the overall objectives of the compulsory Free Universal Basic Education in the State.
  • co-ordinate and supervise teaching and learning in public primary schools in the state.
  • manage public primary schools in the State.
  • recruit, appoint promote and discipline teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • post and deploy staff including interstate transfer for staff.
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